Old Dark House: the Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Hammer Films

2007 saw the 50th anniversary of the Hammer's first colour Horror film, The Curse of Frankenstein. Without it, the fortunes of the independent British film company might have been very different. Some 50 years later, following a break of over twenty years, Hammer made a return to Horror with online serial Beyond the Rave. A new chapter in Hammer's history was opened.

Old Dark House: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Hammer Films will tell the story of Hammer Film Productions Ltd, from its first feature in 1935 through to the rebirth in 2007- an indispensable history, chronologically detailing every Hammer film, including details of unmade film and a unique critical commentary from Robert J.E. Simpson, the editor of The Unofficial Hammer Films Site - now in its seventh year.

This handy user-friendly guide will provide an honest and objective account, taking a film by film approach, and dishing out the praise and damnation where due, and putting the entire rise and fall of Hammer into perspective.

The guide will include as subsections - a guide to availability on DVD across the world; a merchandise guide; substantial bibliography; and index to all personnel listed. Complete with illustration of publicity stills, posters, including previously unseen material and specially commissioned photographs.

House of Horror is to be published byTelos Publishing. To register your interest and for updates and more information on the book email hammer@avalard.com with "Unofficial Hammer Book" in the subject line.